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Absolute proof of Oil Extreme Concentrate's ability to REDUCE wear by actual particle count

     The oil analysis below is from famous NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek's race car. Joe has been a paying customer of ours for many years. The oil analysis below was done several years ago on his Busch Series Race car. This series is now called the Nationwide Series.

     Please keep in mind as you read the explanation on the oil analyses, that it is easy for oil and additive companies to make claims about their product's abilities. However, this is the first oil analysis we have ever seen by a company proving their product reduced engine wear two and three times, without ANY harmful side effects.

     Also keep in mind that if we reduce friction and wear, better fuel mileage has to increase too. Another point to note is the TBN number. Remember, oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty, and it uses up its additive package. The main additive that decreases the longer and harder the engine is used is the Calcium, or alkaline reserve. Calcium is in the oil to neutralize the acid from normal combustion. As you can see from the oil analysis the TBN is still over 20 even after a long race. This also means you can safely extend the drain interval in your passenger car two and three times longer. Which saves you money. Joe, uses Oil Extreme in his transmission, rear end, as well as in his engine.