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OIL EXTREME™ "Better Than Synthetic" MOTOR OIL


To Order this Product,

To Order this Product,

      If you are, you’re not alone. That may be why professional engine builders are hesitant to change to a new brand of oil. Because they know what works in the engines they build, many tend to stick to the brand they know best.
      There are petroleum based oils, high mileage, extended life, off road, semi-synthetic, racing, 100% synthetic’, PAOs, and ester based synthetic oils. In the USA motor oil can be bought for as little as $2.30 a quart (liter) clear up to $ 20.00 a quart.
      To further confuse things the motor oil companies talk about film strength, shear, molecular bonding, multi-grade, API ratings and dynamic lubrication. NOW, OIL EXTREME™ COMES ALONG CLAIMING It’S “BETTER THAN SYNTHETIC.”
      Let’s see if we can help you understand why this claim is true.
      Oil Extreme™ “Better Than Synthetic” Motor Oil is specially formulated using a full synthetic base oil just like the other big name synthetic brands. It also uses a standard additive package that meets the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications. You may have heard about the API SN specification that greatly reduced the amount of ZDDP ( Zinc ) in today’s motor oils because of its harm to catalytic converter life.
     At this point Oil Extreme is just like the other well-known synthetic brands. But this is where the difference comes in.
      Because of this loss of ZDDP a lot of race engines that use flat tappet cam followers like NASCAR engines and many Hot Rods use, are having excessive cam lobe wear because of the loss of Zinc in the oil. This has resulted in a whole raft of new race oils that have the ZDDP put back in. However these oils are labeled for off--road use ONLY.
      The difference is Oil Extreme’s™ Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate extreme pressure technology is far superior to the old fashioned ZDDP technology.
    Next, the Oil Extreme™ extreme pressure Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate additive package booster is integrated. This further enhances the thermal stability and oxidation properties, but most importantly it gives extreme pressure capabilities no other oil in the world has.
     When reading the competitor’s advertisements they talk about film strength, but not extreme pressure. The reason they don’t mention it is because they don’t have the Oil Extreme™ Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate additive technology.
    By filling the microscopic asperities in an engine’s metal surfaces with a hard tribochemical film, the force applied to each particular engine part can be spread over a much larger area. This lowers friction and wear dramatically. Reducing friction produces more horsepower and torque! Typically 5 to 7 extra H.P. Another tremendous breakthrough is the extremely high TBN (a 320 Total Base Number) that this additive package has. Just 3% or 1 ounce per quart of oil raises the normal TBN of 7 or 8, clear up to 18 to 20. This means the oil drain intervals can be safely extended 2 or 3 times thereby saving you lots of money.
    Another important feature of Oil Extreme’s™ “Better Than Synthetic” motor oil that meets or exceeds API SN specifications, is that our oil can be used in all race engines AS WELL AS ALL PASSENGER CARS AND TRUCKS and still have the SN Energy Conserving properties.
    (Complete technical data is available on this revolutionary Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate technology.)
      Every racer knows there is horsepower to be gained by lowering the viscosity of their oil. During dynamic lubrication, regardless of viscosity, there is a drag caused by the shearing of the oil’s molecules. With the Oil Extreme™ tribochemical film there is always the “micro molecule” ultra thin oil film present. The molecules of this extremely thin oil attach themselves to the Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate molecules and shear first, thereby further reducing friction in a revolutionary new way.
      The result of this new technology is more horsepower, torque, lower temperatures, and better mileage with longer engine life. Even under the harshest conditions you’ll get performance unmatched by any other oil, whether petroleum or synthetic.

    Yes! To recap a little, the major oil companies that use a 100% full synthetic base oil as Oil Extreme does, and then uses an additive package that meets API standards, both oils are very much the same except for minor tweeks. However, because we then blend the Oil Extreme™ Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate extreme pressure additive package booster which they don’t have, we are able to guarantee that Oil Extreme™ “Better Than Synthetic” Motor Oil will produce more horsepower than the best synthetic or petroleum oil in the world.

    And, it can be used in the most sophisticated race engines, or in your passenger car or truck.

    Is it cheap? No, but the best is never cheap. But, when you consider the 3 to 5% better gas mileage, the extended drain intervals, and at least 50% less engine wear, buying Oil Extreme for your daily driver actually costs you nothing.
    If you are a racer you also want the best regardless of cost. One well known NASCAR driver who has been buying Oil Extreme for several years tells us his engines run strong for 5 or 6 races without touching the rings or lower ends. Between races he just changes valve springs and that is it. Oil Extreme has saved him thousands of dollars. It can do the same for you!
    Available in 5W-20, 5W-30, 15W-40, and 20W-50 viscosities.

    The reason why we don’t offer a multitude of viscosities is because our technology is so advanced that we can obtain far better results than other oil companies with so many different grades.

    Yes it's true, you can "Feel The Difference Immediately"

    For more complete technical data on Oil Extreme's Calcium Petrolium Sulfonate technology, CLICK HERE.