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To Order this Product,

To Order this Product,

    When viewed under a microscope, all metal surfaces are rough. University studies suggest the actual contact area of metal surfaces is only 10% to 20%. If the microscopic hills and valleys called asperities can be filled with a hard tribochemical film, the load on that metal part can be spread over a much larger area. This will reduce friction and wear up to 10 times.
    Over the years, ZDDP, graphite, moly, micro metals, PTFE resins, and chlorinated ingredients have been used in the attempt to reduce friction and wear. ALL these ingredients have their drawbacks. Lead has been banned, and many of the other ingredients discredited. Most additive companies won’t even tell you what their magic ingredient is.
    Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate is already used as an alkaline reserve in all motor oil additive packages.
    Oil Extreme’s™ brilliant chemist has developed a revolutionary new way of manipulating the molecules of Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate so he could “overbase”, or add excess amounts to the Oil Extreme™ additive package booster. Under heat and pressure this excess Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate forms an extremely hard tribochemical film that fills the asperities of an engine’s metal surfaces.
      Oil Extreme™ has an unheard of TBN (Total Base Number) of 320. Motor oil and other additives have a TBN of less than 10. By adding just 1 ounce of Oil Extreme™ to each quart of your regular petroleum or synthetic oil you can now safely extend drain intervals two to three times. You’ll also achieve extremely high levels of corrosion resistance, and because of its unique detergent properties keep the inside of your engine spotless. Plus you will get 3 to 5% better gas mileage, 5 to 7 extra horsepower, more torque, cuts wear at least 50%, extends drain intervals two to three times, and reduces harmful emissions 50%.
    Major oil company ads talk about molecular bonding, film strength, shear, synthetic versus petroleum oil, and heat resistance. You hardly ever hear them talk about boundary lubrication or extreme pressure.
    The truth is, none of them know how to impart extreme pressure properties to their oil without using questionable ingredients with harmful side effects
      Oil Extreme™ is the first product to offer this legitimate Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate technology. We are setting the standard all other oil companies must try to match.
      Another horsepower increaser is the special ultra thin oil film which attaches itself to the calcium carbonate tribochemical film.
      Every racer knows there is horsepower to be gained by lowering the viscosity of their oil. During dynamic lubrication, whether a 20W-50 or a 5W-20, whether a synthetic or a petroleum oil, there is drag caused by the shearing of the oil’s molecules.
      With the Oil Extreme™ tribochemical film there is always the “micro molecule” thin oil film which shears first, thereby reducing friction in a revolutionary new way.

   We hope you’ve gained a little knowledge about oil and the importance of extreme pressure properties. We’ve told you the truth without hype, and now it’s up to you to try Oil Extreme™ in your engine. We guarantee you’ll be happy you did, and we guarantee you’ll gain performance.

      Oil Extreme™ Concentrate can be used anywhere there is metal to metal contact. It works great in your engine oil and is far superior to the old fashioned ZDDP. It also friction and wear in transmissions, differentials, wheel bearings, power steering, and in your radiator (for lubricating the water pump bearing ).

    Yes it's true, you can "Feel The Difference Immediately"

      For more complete technical data on Oil Extreme's Calcium Petrolium Sulfonate technology, CLICK HERE.