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      If you're looking for an exciting and lucrative business opportunity, the OIL EXTREME™ MOBILE PIT STOP with its Exclusive Territory Dealership Program is for you!

      Our program makes it easy to get your business started right away. And we'll be there to help you be successful. Join the others who have teamed with Oil Extreme to create a new and rewarding future for themselves.

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                          George French



      The Oil Extreme "Mobile Pit Stop" oil change dealership program is the first mobile oil change business to give the small business owner a complete package that almost guarantees success in the 5 billion dollar a year oil change business.

      For the first time, a one man owner operator can purchase a completely equipped van that allows you to quickly vacuum the oil from a customer’s car or truck and have the opportunity to make an above average income with Oil Extreme’s unique one of a kind dealership program.

      Or, an investor can purchase multiple Oil Extreme vans, and hire operators to do the oil changes with far less investment than a single fast food franchise with vastly superior profit potential.

      Mobile Pit Stop recently signed an exclusive agreement to provide oil changes for some of America's largest corporations. As these accounts are open, dealers will automatically have the exclusive rights to perform oil changes on the campuses of these corporations. Some of these corporations have as many as 17,000 employees at one location. Our present Mobile Pit Stop Dealers are reporting that their business is growing by leaps and bounds at these corporate sites.

      The Oil Extreme "Better Than Synthetic" Motor Oil is what gives you a huge advantage over every other oil change business in the world. Now, for the first time, you can guarantee your customers that they will gain horsepower and increased miles per gallon as soon as you change their oil. Their engines will run smoother, quieter, cooler, and wear will be dramatically reduced because of the exclusive calcium carbonate extreme pressure properties we are able to give this revolutionary new motor oil.

      Now, when you look for new customers you really have some great benefits to talk about. You also have Oil Extreme’s worldwide racing results, this last years Indianapolis results, and dyno tests to prove Oil Extreme does everything we claim. Motor Trend, Grassroots Motorsports, Street Legal Imports, and European Car, are just a few magazines with articles praising Oil Extreme.

      Our web site www.oilextreme.com and all our racing activities will be directed toward creating customers for YOU. A full-size computer, printer, and flat-screen monitor will receive your emailed messages from our office giving you customers who have signed up for services on the website and are ready for an oil change. And best of all, every driver will be able to feel the difference in power, acceleration, and smoothness, as soon as they drive their car. The word of mouth advertising that will result is probably the most powerful form of advertising you could have.

      The positive feedback you receive from your customers keeps you excited and pumped up. Each day you are ready to go share the good news about Oil Extreme with new customers. The old saying, "Without a vision, the people perish", is certainly true! It’s our vision to give each dealer the training, tools, and exclusive products to help you make an exceptional income, then to help you pass your experience on to your employees as you become a multiple van owner.

Click for Interior Views       Just picture yourself with 10 or 20 vans all alike, sporting the distinctive Oil Extreme paint job. Each of the operators will be wearing a clean Oil Extreme T-shirt, jacket, and hat, which lets each customer know that their car is being serviced by an expert. It may seem like a little thing, but looking sharp, helps an operator feel sharp, and not afraid to visit the tallest and best office building in town looking for new customers.
Click for Van Interior Tour

      Our personalized training will give you the confidence to go to the largest corporation to ask for their fleet business. Calling on doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and corporate executives will become second nature to you. And this executive business is far more profitable than trying to compete with the cheapest, so called, quick change oil company in town.

Visit Arie at Gasoline Alley       But best of all, just imagine a customer driving his or her car for the first time after you’ve just filled their car with Oil Extreme. They will feel a big difference! Do you think they will keep this to themselves when they return to the office the next day. Not on your life! They will share this terrific find with all their friends. Now when you return to see how they liked the way their car ran, you should be deluged with others wanting their oil changed too. If you’ve given your original customer a few discount coupons for their friends you will be assured of a group of steady customers who will repeat time after time. Click for Complete Indy 500 Details

      Does Oil Extreme "Better Than Synthetic" Motor Oil cost more than regular oil? Of course it does. Each oil change costs $49.95. But your customers are getting the best oil in the world, which regularly sells for $7.95 per quart. But that’s not the whole story. We also supply a 4 ounce bottle of Oil Extreme Concentrate free of charge with each 4 quarts of oil.

Click for Dynomometer Results       The Oil Extreme Concentrate is an extreme pressure additive package booster which is used to boost the oil’s additive package after 3,000 miles of usage. That means they can safely double their drain interval to 6,000 miles. With the extra miles per gallon they will get, and double the oil life, Oil Extreme is far more economical than using regular oil. And that's especially true when you consider the reduction in wear the customer’s engine will get.   Click for Complete Technical Report.

      The big advantage you’ll enjoy is the greater profit you’ll realize. Remember, it’s all in your head, and the confidence you have in your product. If you are using cheap oil, you will probably have to compete against all the price cutters in town. With Oil Extreme you will have a product no one else has, and one that the customer will thank you for introducing to him or her.

      If you are presently a mobile oil change operator out there all alone, come join us, we can make you a very attractive offer. If you are looking for a business with low overhead and low start up costs, but with huge potential, come join us. If you are a businessman, or businesswoman with ready capital, looking for an alternative to high priced food franchises, and able to manage a multi van operation, come join us. We guarantee to make you an oil expert with the confidence to face any situation. And, we haven’t told you all our secrets. Just call 920-495-7686 and speak personally with Jet Set Life Technologies President, George W. French.


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  • Internet website working 24 x 7 to connect customers to you
  • Complete training
  • Exceptional Oil Extreme Products to give you a competitive edge
  • New State-of-the-Art computer program tracks customers, keeps your books, processes your credit cards
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